Message from the Chairman

“Importantly, we have stayed true to HP’s values and while the Board and I are proud of what HP has achieved during fiscal 2021, we are even prouder of how HP is doing it.”

To our Stockholders:

We are pleased to invite you to attend HP Inc’s annual meeting of stockholders to be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 2:00 p.m., Pacific Time. This year’s annual meeting will again be a virtual meeting of stockholders, conducted via live audio webcast.

During fiscal 2021, we achieved significant progress in furthering of our strategy to advance our leadership in Personal Systems and Printing, disrupt industries with our technology and IP, and transform HP for the future. We did so despite business challenges, delivering very strong results in fiscal 2021 and we have continued to deliver on our commitments and build a stronger HP. Our performance reflects the strength of HP’s executive team to execute on HP’s strategy to advance, disrupt and transform. The Board remains confident that our CEO, Enrique Lores, and his team will build on HP’s progress and capitalize on new opportunities, particularly new opportunities in gaming, peripherals, Instant Ink, industrial graphics and 3D, and workforce solutions.

Importantly, we have stayed true to HP’s values and while the Board and I are proud of what HP has achieved during fiscal 2021, we are even prouder of how HP is doing it.

We have prioritized key issues like climate action, human rights and digital equity through ambitious, comprehensive goals, including plans to:

  • achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our entire value chain by 2040;
  • double our number of black and African-American executives by 2025;
  • reach 50/50 gender equality in management by 2030; and
  • accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030.

Sustainability is fundamental to our strategy and the Board is highly engaged in overseeing HP’s progress. For additional information about HP’s sustainability and social initiatives, please refer to “Sustainable Impact” and “Our Approach to Accelerating our ESG Impact” in the accompanying Proxy Statement.

HP has one of the most diverse boards in technology. During 2021, the Board added three new directors: Bruce Broussard; Judith “Jami” Miscik; and Kim K.W. Rucker. We believe that their perspectives, skills, and proven experience will further strengthen the Board’s ability to provide effective oversight and strategic advice to HP’s management. Further details about our directors and HP’s corporate governance policies and practices are included in the accompanying Proxy Statement under “Corporate Governance and Board of Directors.”

Your vote is important. Regardless of whether you participate in the annual meeting, we hope you vote as soon as possible. You may vote by proxy online or by phone, or, if you received paper copies of the proxy materials by mail, you may also vote by mail by following the instructions on the proxy card or voting instruction card. Voting online or by phone, written proxy or voting instruction card ensures your representation at the annual meeting regardless of whether you attend the virtual meeting.

For details about how to attend the meeting online, submit questions before or during the meeting, and information on the business to be conducted at the annual meeting, please refer to the accompanying Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement.

Thank you for your ongoing support of, and continued interest in, HP Inc.


Chairman of the Board