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Corporate Governance


Election of Directors

The Board recommends a vote FOR the election of all of the Director nominees listed above.

The Board currently consists of 13 Directors. On the recommendation of the NGSR Committee, the Board has nominated the 12 persons named above for election as Directors this year, each to serve for a one-year term and until the Director’s successor is elected and qualified or, if earlier, until his or her resignation or removal. Mr. Weisler is not standing for re-election at this annual meeting, and the Board has determined that the size of the Board will be reduced to 12 Directors at the time of the annual meeting.

Vote Required

Our Bylaws provide that each director is elected by the vote of a majority of the votes cast with respect to the nominee, except that where the secretary of the Company receives a notice that a stockholder has nominated a person for election to the Board in compliance with our Bylaws (and the notice is not withdrawn on or prior to the tenth day preceding the date we first mailed our notice of meeting for such annual meeting), all Directors are to be elected under a plurality voting standard. Under a plurality voting standard, the 12 nominees receiving the highest number of FOR votes will be elected. Accordingly, because Xerox notified us that it intended to nominate a slate of 12 nominees in opposition to the nominees proposed by our Board and named in this proxy statement and withdrew its nominations only after we commenced mailing of the original definitive proxy statement and notice of the annual meeting, the election of Directors will be subject to a plurality voting standard. Votes withheld and broker non-votes, if any, are not votes cast and will not be counted for purposes of determining the nominee receiving the highest number of FOR votes.

If you sign your proxy card but do not give instructions with respect to voting for Directors, your shares will be voted by Enrique Lores, Steven J. Fieler and Kim M. Rivera, as proxy holders, FOR the election of all 12 Board nominees. If you wish to give specific instructions with respect to voting for Directors, you may do so by indicating your instructions when you vote via Internet or by telephone, or on your proxy card or voting instruction card.

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