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Our COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us—businesses large and small, local and national governments, families, and individuals—in ways few of us could have imagined. As the pandemic spread globally, we swiftly took action to support our employees, customers, partners and communities.

Our employees. The unique challenges of 2020 have only underscored the importance of positioning our employees to excel. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken an integrated approach to helping our employees manage their work and personal responsibilities, with a strong focus on employee wellbeing, health and safety. In an effort to keep our employees connected, we focused our efforts in four key areas: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Family Support and Work Flexibility, and Community.

As soon as COVID-19 started to take hold on a global scale, HP took swift action to protect our people in line with public health guidance—pivoting to work from home, prohibiting business travel, restricting site access, and implementing enhanced sanitization processes. In the third quarter of fiscal year 2020, we implemented a one-time work-from-home equipment reimbursement program for employees to improve their home workspaces. For those in manufacturing and other critical functions that could not transition to a remote working model, we quickly implemented safety and hygiene training and protocols, such as physical distancing, safety gear mandates, site visitor restrictions, alternate staffing shifts, and enhanced cleaning and sanitization practices, to protect the employees in our labs and manufacturing and production facilities.

Our customers and partners. We have taken meaningful actions to remain close to our customers and partners, including implementing a variety of relief initiatives to help them navigate their operational and financial challenges.

Our community. We are also putting our resources behind efforts to support local communities and to assist in the public health response. We created a Summer Scholars program that enabled university students to continue to learn and develop. We have donated millions of dollars in technology and support across Personal Systems and Printing to help students, families, and communities, including hospitals in affected areas.

The role of our Board and management. The Board has been and remains highly engaged with management regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the company’s response and plans. Management has regularly held informational calls with Board members covering employees and operations, financial impact, supply chain disruptions, and related legal and regulatory matters. Management also is engaged with the Board on identifying and addressing ongoing strategic risks and opportunities arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Lores agreed to a 25% reduction in paid base salary and members of the Executive Leadership team, including the NEOs, agreed to 15% reductions in their paid base salaries, respectively, for the period from July 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020. The Board also approved a reduction of 25% of the annual cash retainer paid to non-employee Directors for their service from June 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020. In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Board members have also waived their fees from additional Board meetings. HP donated these fees totaling $326,000 to the HP Employee Relief Fund.

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