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Good Governance

Governance Highlights

Recent Governance Updates

HP’s corporate governance policies and practices are continuously evolving – from our time as Hewlett-Packard Company to our identity as HP Inc., we have always led by example, adopting changes in line with our commitment to the highest standards of governance. Stockholder input has been key to our progression, and as we continue to evolve our corporate governance policies and practices, we will continue to solicit feedback from our stockholders regarding our governance profile. The following examples highlight some of the key features of our corporate governance policies and practices, including updates we have recently made to strengthen our policies and practices:

  • Our Board continues to believe that it is in the current best interests of our stockholders and the Company to have an independent Chairman. Accordingly, Chip Bergh has served as our independent Chairman since July 2017.
  • Since 2016, our NGSR Committee has reviewed and discussed our environmental, sustainability, diversity and social impact strategy at every regular meeting of the Committee, providing valuable advice and insights. For more information on our efforts in this space, including our Sustainable Impact Report, please visit
  • As part of our commitment to the highest standards of governance, in 2018 we became a signatory to the Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance 2.0, a set of corporate governance principles we and the other signatories believe serve the best interests of U.S. corporations and financial markets.
  • We have evaluated our governance practices against the Corporate Governance Principles for U.S. Listed Companies published by the Investor Stewardship Group (“ISG”), a collective of some of the largest U.S.-based institutional investors and global asset managers, and we believe that our governance policies and practices are consistent with the ISG principles.

Annual Meeting Experience

HP’s virtual format for the annual meeting allows stockholders to submit questions and comments in our stockholder forum both before and during the meeting. We respond to all stockholder submissions received through the forum in writing on our investor relations website. The virtual meeting format allows our stockholders to engage with us no matter where they live in the world, and is accessible and available on any internet-connected device, be it a phone, a tablet, or a computer. We’re able to reach a base of stockholders that is broader than just those who can travel to an in-person meeting, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual meeting gives us the opportunity to respond in thoughtful detail to every question our stockholders may have, rather than just the limited number of questions stockholders are able to ask at in-person meetings, which are answered on the fly.

All of these benefits of a virtual meeting allow our stockholders to have truly robust engagement with HP.

Please join us for our Virtual Annual Meeting at or

Best-Practices in Governance

Independent Board Leadership

  • Strong board oversight and leadership by an independent Chairman.
  • Our independent Chairman participates in a robust stockholder outreach program.
  • Our independent Chairman leads and coordinates the annual performance evaluation of the CEO.
  • Our independent Chairman oversees the Board and committee evaluations and recommends changes to improve Board, committee, and individual Director effectiveness.

Other Governance Best Practices

  • Our Bylaws provide our stockholders with a proxy access right.
  • All members of our committees are independent.
  • Our stockholders owning 15% or more of our common stock have a right to call special meetings. We lowered this right from 25% after engaging with our stockholders on what rights to act outside of the annual meeting they would prefer.
  • Directors are elected annually by majority vote in uncontested Director elections.
  • Each Director nominee has agreed to resign from the Board if he or she fails to receive a majority vote.
  • We maintain a close, effective dialogue with our stockholders through a stockholder outreach program.
  • Non-employee Directors are expected to own Company stock equal to at least five times their annual cash Board retainer within five years of joining the Board.
  • Independent consultant to advise our HRC Committee on executive compensation and governance matters.
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