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How We Are Selected

Identifying and Evaluating Candidates for Director

The NGSR Committee uses a variety of methods for identifying and evaluating nominees for Director. The NGSR Committee, in consultation with the Chairman, regularly assesses the appropriate size of the Board and whether any vacancies on the Board are expected due to retirement or otherwise. If vacancies are anticipated, or otherwise arise, the NGSR Committee considers various potential candidates for Director. Candidates may come to the attention of the NGSR Committee through current Board members, professional search firms, stockholders or other persons. As part of the search process for each new director, the NGSR Committee actively seeks out diverse candidates to include in the pool from which director candidates are chosen. Identified candidates are evaluated at regular or special meetings of the NGSR Committee and may be considered at any point during the year. As described below, the NGSR Committee considers properly submitted stockholder recommendations of candidates for the Board to be included in our proxy statement. Following verification of the stockholder status of individuals proposing candidates, recommendations are considered collectively by the NGSR Committee at a regularly scheduled meeting, which is generally the first or second meeting prior to the issuance of the proxy statement for our annual meeting. If any materials are provided by a stockholder in connection with the nomination of a Director candidate, such materials are forwarded to the NGSR Committee. The NGSR Committee also reviews materials provided by professional search firms and other parties in connection with a nominee who is not proposed by a stockholder. In evaluating such nominations, the NGSR Committee seeks to achieve a balance of diverse knowledge, experience and capability on the Board. The NGSR Committee evaluates nominees recommended by stockholders using the same criteria it uses to evaluate all other candidates. In the case of Ms. Miscik, a third-party professional search firm identified her as a potential director nominee.

Director Nominees and Director Nominees’ Experience and Qualifications

The Board annually reviews the appropriate skills and characteristics required of Directors in the context of the current composition of the Board, our operating requirements and the long-term interests of our stockholders. The Board believes that its members should possess a variety of skills, professional experience, and backgrounds in order to effectively oversee our business. In addition, the Board believes that each Director should possess certain attributes, as reflected in the Board membership criteria described below.

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines contain the current Board membership criteria that apply to nominees recommended for a position on the Board. Under those criteria, members of the Board should:

  • have the highest professional and personal ethics and values, consistent with our long-standing values and standards;
  • have broad experience at the policy-making level in business, government, education, technology or public service;
  • be committed to enhancing stockholder value and represent the interests of all of our stockholders; and
  • have sufficient time to carry out their duties and to provide insight and practical wisdom based on experience (which means that Directors’ service on other boards of public companies should be limited to a number that permits them, given their individual circumstances, to responsibly perform all Director duties).

In addition, the NGSR Committee takes into account a potential Director’s ability to contribute to the diversity of background (such as race, gender, age and cultural background) and experience represented on the Board, and it reviews its effectiveness in balancing these considerations when assessing the composition of the Board. Although the Board uses these and other criteria as appropriate to evaluate potential nominees, it has no stated minimum criteria for nominees. Our Corporate Governance Guidelines can be found on our website at In addition, our Bylaws also require that to be qualified to serve as a Director and to be eligible to be a Director nominee, each Director and Director nominee:

  • must not have been an officer or director of a company that is a competitor of HP within the prior three years; and
  • must not be a named subject of a criminal proceeding (excluding traffic violations and other minor offenses) pending as of the date HP first mails the proxy materials that include the name of the nominee and, within the ten years preceding such date, must not have been convicted in such a criminal proceeding.

All members of the HP Board are provided with opportunities for in-person and remote Director education on an ongoing basis, covering a variety of subjects relevant to HP. Recent topics have included strategy, innovation, people and culture development, best practices in governance and leadership, industry updates and technology trends.

The Board believes that all the nominees named above are highly qualified and have the skills and experience required for effective service on the Board. All the nominees named above have indicated to us that they will be available to serve as Directors. In the event that any nominee should become unavailable, the proxy holders, Enrique Lores and Harvey Anderson, will vote for a substitute nominee or nominees designated by the Board, unless the Board decides to decrease the size of the Board. If any substitute nominees are so designated, we will file an amended proxy statement or additional soliciting material that, as applicable, identifies the substitute nominees, discloses that such nominees have consented to being named in the amended proxy statement or additional soliciting material and to serve as directors if elected, and includes certain biographical and other information about such nominees required by the applicable SEC rules.

There are no family relationships among our executive officers and Directors.

Annual Review/Self-Evaluation

On an annual basis at or near the end of each fiscal year, each Director completes a self-evaluation designed to gauge the health of board function and composition. Topics addressed in the self-evaluation process include individual performance, performance of all committees on which the Director served during the fiscal year, performance of the Board as a whole, areas for improvement, accessibility of management, time allocation, and quality of materials. Directors also provide us with input on key focus areas for the Board in the upcoming fiscal year.

The NGSR Committee oversees the annual self-evaluation process in conjunction with input from the independent Chairman of the Board and reviews the findings with the independent Chairman to assess board health. Each committee additionally reviews the consolidated committee self-evaluation results.

Stockholder Recommendations

The policy of the NGSR Committee is to consider properly submitted stockholder recommendations of candidates for membership on the Board as described above under the heading “Identifying and Evaluating Candidates for Directors.” In evaluating such recommendations, the NGSR Committee seeks to achieve a balance of diverse knowledge, experience and capability on the Board and to consider all applicable membership criteria. Any stockholder recommendations submitted for consideration by the NGSR Committee should include verification of the stockholder status of the person submitting the recommendation and the recommended candidate’s name and qualifications for Board membership and should be addressed to our Corporate Secretary at HP Inc., 1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, California 94304.

Stockholder Nominations

In addition, our Bylaws permit stockholders to nominate Directors for consideration at an annual stockholder meeting and, under certain circumstances, to include their nominees in the HP proxy statement. For a description of the process for nominating Directors in accordance with our Bylaws, see “Questions and Answers—Voting Information.”

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