Board and Governance

Corporate Governance and Board of Directors

Board Proposal No. 1

Election of Directors


The Board recommends a vote FOR each Director Nominee.

The Board of Directors of HP Inc. (the “Board”) currently consists of 13 Directors. On the recommendation of the Nominating, Governance and Social Responsibility (“NGSR”) Committee, the Board has nominated the 13 persons named below for election as Directors this year, each to serve for a one-year term and until the Director’s successor is elected and qualified or, if earlier, until his or her resignation or removal.

Vote Required

Each Director nominee who receives more “FOR” votes than “AGAINST” votes representing shares of HP common stock present in person or represented by proxy and entitled to be voted at the annual meeting will be elected.

If you sign your proxy card but do not give instructions with respect to voting for Directors, your shares will be voted by Enrique Lores and Harvey Anderson, as proxy holders, FOR the election of all 13 Board nominees. If you wish to give specific instructions with respect to voting for Directors, you may do so by indicating your instructions when you vote via Internet or by telephone, or on your proxy card or voting instruction card.

Director Election Voting Standard and Resignation Policy

We have adopted a policy whereby any incumbent Director nominee who receives a greater number of votes “AGAINST” his or her election than votes “FOR” such election will tender his or her offer of resignation for consideration by the NGSR Committee. The NGSR Committee will then make a recommendation to the Board regarding the appropriate response to such an offer of resignation.