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Fees and Services

Principal Accountant Fees and Services

Fees incurred by HP for Ernst & Young LLP

The following table shows the fees paid or accrued by HP for audit and other services provided by Ernst & Young LLP for fiscal 2019 and 2018. All fees paid to Ernst & Young LLP were pre-approved in accordance with the pre-approval policy, as discussed below.

  2019 2018
  In Millions
Audit Fees(1) $ 15.9 $ 15.9
Audit-Related Fees(2) $ 2.4 $ 3.3
Tax Fees(3) $ 2.9 $ 4
All Other Fees(4) $ $ 0.2
Total $ 21.2 $ 23.4

Audit fees represent fees for professional services provided in connection with the audit of our financial statements and review of our quarterly financial statements and audit services provided in connection with other statutory or regulatory filings.


Audit-related fees for fiscal 2019 consisted primarily of accounting consultations, employee benefit plan audits and other attestation services. Audit-related fees for fiscal 2018 consisted primarily of accounting consultations, employee benefit plan audits, and other attestation services.


Tax fees consisted primarily of tax advice and tax planning fees of $650,000 and $1.6 million for fiscal 2019 and fiscal 2018, respectively. For fiscal 2019 and fiscal 2018, tax fees also included tax compliance fees of $2.2 million and $2.3 million, respectively.


For fiscal 2018, all other fees included primarily advisory service fees.

Pre-Approval of Audit and Non-Audit Services Policy

The Audit Committee has delegated to the Chair of the Audit Committee the authority to pre-approve audit-related and non-audit services not prohibited by law to be performed by our independent registered public accounting firm and associated fees up to a maximum for any one service of $250,000, provided that the chair shall report any decisions to pre-approve services and fees to the full Audit Committee at its next regular meeting.

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