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Pay Ratio Disclosure

CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure

In accordance with SEC rules we are reporting our CEO pay ratio for the first time. As set forth in the Summary Compensation Table, our CEO’s annual total compensation for fiscal 2018 was $19,215,534. Our median employee’s annual total compensation was $79,719, resulting in a CEO pay ratio of 241:1.

In calculating the CEO pay ratio, the SEC rules allow companies to adopt a variety of methodologies, apply certain exclusions, and make reasonable estimates and assumptions reflecting their unique employee populations. Therefore, our reported CEO pay ratio may not be comparable to CEO pay ratios reported by other companies due to differences in industries and geographical dispersion, as well as the different estimates, assumptions, and methodologies applied by other companies in calculating their CEO pay ratios.

Our CEO pay ratio is based on the following methodology:

  • We identified our employee population as of August 1, 2018, including employees who joined HP as part of the acquisition of Samsung Print on November 1, 2018 and excluding ~895 employees on furlough or Leave of Absence, consistent with SEC rules.
  • We utilized annual base salary as the consistently applied compensation measure as of August 1, 2018 to identify the median employee.
  • We annualized base salary for permanent employees who were employed for less than the full fiscal year.
  • We calculated the median employee’s annual total compensation for fiscal 2018 using the same methodology that was used for our named executive officers, as set forth in the Summary Compensation Table.