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Director Independence and Related Person Transactions

Related-Person Transactions Policies and Procedures

We have adopted a written policy for approval of transactions between us and our Directors, Director nominees, executive officers, beneficial owners of more than 5% of HP’s stock, and their respective immediate family members where the amount involved in the transaction exceeds or is expected to exceed $100,000 in a single calendar year.

The policy provides that the NGSR Committee reviews certain transactions subject to the policy and decides whether or not to approve or ratify those transactions. In doing so, the NGSR Committee determines whether the transaction is in the best interests of HP. In making that determination, the NGSR Committee takes into account, among other factors it deems appropriate:

  • the extent of the related-person’s interest in the transaction;
  • whether the transaction is on terms generally available to an unaffiliated third party under the same or similar circumstances;
  • the benefits to HP;
  • the impact or potential impact on a Director’s independence in the event the related-person is a Director, an immediate family member of a Director or an entity in which a Director is a partner, 10% stockholder or executive officer;
  • the availability of other sources for comparable products or services; and
  • the terms of the transaction.

The NGSR Committee has delegated authority to the chair of the NGSR Committee to pre-approve or ratify transactions where the aggregate amount involved is expected to be less than $1 million.

A summary of any new transactions pre-approved by the chair is provided to the full NGSR Committee for its review at each of the NGSR Committee’s regularly scheduled meetings.

The NGSR Committee has adopted standing pre-approvals under the policy for limited transactions with related-persons. Pre-approved transactions include:

  • compensation of executive officers that is excluded from reporting under SEC rules where the HRC Committee approved (or recommended that the Board approve) such compensation;
  • Director compensation;
  • transactions with another company with a value that does not exceed the greater of $1 million or 2% of the other company’s annual revenues, where the related-person has an interest only as an employee (other than executive officer), Director or beneficial holder of less than 10% of the other company’s shares;
  • contributions to a charity in an amount that does not exceed the greater of $1 million or 2% of the charity’s annual receipts, where the related-person has an interest only as an employee (other than executive officer) or Director; and
  • transactions where all stockholders receive proportional benefits.

A summary of new transactions covered by the standing pre-approvals relating to other companies (as described above) is provided to the NGSR Committee for its review in connection with that committee’s regularly scheduled meetings.