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Sustainable Impact

Reinventing for impact

Sustainable Impact is at the heart of our reinvention journey—fueling our innovation and growth, and strengthening our business for the long term.


Grow our business, not our footprint–
and support our customers
to do the same


Champion dignity, respect, and
empowerment for all people with
whom we work


Catalyze positive change in communities
where we live, work, and
do business

Our commitment to integrity enables our Sustainable Impact journey

Sustainable Impact Delivers:

Business value
Impact was a key
differentiator for
in new business
Year-over-year increase in sales bids with sustainability requirements
Employee engagement
of employees agree that HP is socially and environmentally responsible
of employees agreed that they see HP values being demonstrated in their everyday lives


Engaging stakeholders and identifying priorities

For our Sustainable Impact strategy to succeed, we need to hear from everyone our business affects. Key stakeholders include suppliers, customers, peer companies, public policy makers, industry bodies, NGOs, sector experts, and others. We engage in ways that are most relevant to their objectives and operations, including partnerships, sponsorships, collaboration on industry initiatives, customer and supplier education, supplier capability building programs and audits, employee surveys, white papers – and more.

We conduct periodic materiality assessments, to review relevant environmental, social, and governance topics, reconfirm our long-standing areas of focus, and clarify and shape our Sustainable Impact strategy and investments. This enables us to focus on the areas where we can have the greatest positive impact, determine any gaps, and identify relevant trends and leadership opportunities for our business. We have set aggressive goals related to several of our most material topics, to manage performance and drive long-term progress.

Sustainable impact governance

At all levels of the company, starting with our Board of Directors, we embed Sustainable Impact throughout our strategy, policies, programs, and value chain. The HP Board of Directors’ Nominating, Governance, and Social Responsibility Committee oversees global citizenship policies and programs as well as other legal, regulatory, and compliance matters. Our executive leadership team, led by our CEO, has overall responsibility for Sustainable Impact as part of our business strategy. A team of executives, led by our Global Head of Sustainability and Product Compliance, set HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy and drives progress company-wide.

Additional Information

For more information on our efforts in this space and additional detail to the information presented herein, please view our Sustainable Impact Report at


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Rising standards of living and population growth worldwide present market opportunities for HP and other companies, while putting tremendous pressure on natural resources and the environment. At HP, we seek to decouple growth from consumption and drive progress toward a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy. We aim to deliver the most environmentally sustainable product and services portfolio in the IT industry so that our partners and customers can achieve more, with less impact.

We are contributing to a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy


Reducing impact for HP, our partners and customers

reducing impact for hp_high.png



Global inequality has the potential to stagnate economic growth and hold back innovation. From our supply chain, to our employees, to our partners and beyond, we stand for equality and human rights for all so that business and society can thrive.

We work with our suppliers to protect and empower all workers in our supply chain

increase in average supplier performance on Sustainability Scorecard, compared to 2016
Expanding supply chain transparency, published an
industry first

detailed list of our global recycling vendor sites in 2017

supplier factory workers
participated in skill-building and well-being programs since the beginning of 2015

We are reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion in our industry

Board of Directors

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of employees feel HP values diversity
$647 million
spent with small companies in 2017
$230 million
spent with minority- and women-owned businesses in 2017



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We embrace the opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the communities where we live, work, and do business. Through our products and solutions, global programs, and key strategic partnerships, we are working to deliver quality technology-enabled learning that engages students, empowers educators.

We partner to deliver quality technology-enabled learning for millions


We invest in helping to build vibrant and resilient communities