Recognized for sustainability leadership

A few of our goals
  1. Achieve zero deforestation associated with HP brand paper and paper-based product packaging by 2020. (Packaging is the box that comes with the product and all paper, including packaging and materials, inside the box.)
  2. Use 100% renewable electricity in our global operations, with a goal of 40% by 2020.
  3. Develop skills and improve well-being of 500,000 factory workers by 2025, beginning in 2015.
  4. Enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, beginning in 2015.

Sustainability is at the heart of our reinvention journey. It drives progress toward our business priorities, from designing and delivering our core products and services, to developing new business models and breakthrough technologies that generate growth and shape the future. Our customers, investors, and employees expect us to contribute to society and increasingly demand sustainability leadership from us. Our approach to sustainability spans our entire value chain—and extends beyond our business, partners, and customers into communities around the world. We recognize the role we play in the global community, so we are contributing progress toward 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We are shifting our business model and operations toward a circular and low-carbon economy—moving from transactional product sales to service models, while transforming how whole industries design, make, and distribute products. Through investments in research and development, we enable customers to seize new opportunities while advancing their own sustainability agendas. We continue to support the Paris Climate Agreement and have set greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction goals for our global operations, product portfolio and supply chain that have been approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative.


We foster a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative company and industry. We work with our supply chain partners to empower and ensure protections for the people who make our products. We believe everyone, everywhere should have access to a quality education and be empowered with the skills and opportunities to thrive. To this end, we work with partners to improve learning outcomes for millions around the world through access to technology and training.


We are uncompromising in our expectations of ethical behavior by our employees, partners, and suppliers, and we have strict standards in place to safeguard human rights and protect and empower workers across our value chain. Top priority is given to protecting the personal data entrusted to us. We also provide market-leading technologies, products, and solutions that ensure high levels of security for our customers.

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