Sustainability is a powerful force for innovation and growth, and a differentiator for our business. Customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on social and environmental performance, and HP is well-positioned to deliver. Through our technology and actions, we are helping address the greatest challenges we face as a society, including taking tangible action to support 16 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainability is at the heart of how our products are designed, manufactured, used, and recovered. We are helping pioneer a materials- and energy-efficient circular economy—decoupling economic growth from reliance on raw materials. Through our closed loop recycling program, plastic from HP ink and toner cartridges recovered via the 25-years-strong HP Planet Partners program, is combined with other plastics to create billions of new HP cartridges. Transformative service models, such as HP Instant Ink, help reduce waste from everyday printing, while breakthrough technologies, like HP 3D printing solutions, offer promising opportunities for localized manufacturing.


Central to making lives better and communities stronger, HP brings access to quality education, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship training to displaced individuals and underserved populations, wherever they are. For example, HP and partners are providing technology and training to help people displaced by the Syrian conflict learn new skills and improve employment opportunities. In India, HP World on Wheels digital inclusion and learning labs are expected to impact millions of people currently excluded from technology access.


Integrity, fairness, and accountability are fundamental to an inclusive society and a thriving business. We are uncompromising in our expectations of ethical behavior by our employees, partners, and suppliers, and we have ambitious, programs and processes in place to safeguard human rights and protect and empower workers throughout our supply chain. We work relentlessly to protect the privacy of our customers' and employees' personal information. We are honored by the confidence our customers and employees place in us and are committed to continuing our leading initiatives on information privacy.

Our sustainability goals

Commit to 100% renewable electricity in our global operations with 40% by 2020

Achieve zero deforestation associated with HP brand paper and paper-based product packaging by 2020*

Reduce the GHG emissions intensity of HP's product portfolio by 25% by 2020, compared to 2010*

* Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and goals at

Recognized as one of the world's most sustainable companies