To our Stockholders:

We are pleased to invite you to attend the annual meeting of stockholders of HP Inc. on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 2:00 p.m., Pacific Time. This year’s annual meeting will again be a virtual meeting of stockholders, conducted via live audio webcast. You will be able to attend the annual meeting of stockholders online and submit questions during the meeting by visiting www.hpannualmeeting.com or www.hp.onlineshareholdermeeting.com. You will also be able to vote your shares electronically at the annual meeting (other than shares held through our 401(k) Plan, which must be voted prior to the meeting).

We are embracing the latest technology to provide expanded access, improved communication and cost savings for our stockholders and the Company. As we’ve learned, hosting a virtual meeting enables increased stockholder attendance and participation from locations around the world. In addition, the online format allows us to communicate more effectively via a pre-meeting forum that you can enter by visiting www.hpannualmeeting.com or www.proxyvote.com/HP.

Further details about how to attend the meeting online and the business to be conducted at the annual meeting are included in the accompanying Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement.

We are again providing access to our proxy materials online under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s “notice and access” rules. As a result, we are mailing to many of our stockholders a notice instead of a paper copy of this proxy statement and our 2017 Annual Report. The notice contains instructions on how to access documents online. The notice also contains instructions on how stockholders can receive a paper copy of our materials, including this proxy statement, our 2017 Annual Report, and a form of proxy card or voting instruction card. Those who do not receive a notice, including stockholders who have previously requested to receive paper copies of proxy materials, will receive a paper copy by mail unless they have previously requested delivery of materials electronically. This distribution process is more resource- and cost-efficient.

Your vote is important. Regardless of whether you participate in the annual meeting, we hope you vote as soon as possible. You may vote by proxy online or by phone, or, if you received paper copies of the proxy materials by mail, you may also vote by mail by following the instructions on the proxy card or voting instruction card. Voting online or by phone, written proxy or voting instruction card ensures your representation at the annual meeting regardless of whether you attend the virtual meeting.

Thank you for your ongoing support of, and continued interest in, HP Inc.


Charles “Chip” V. Bergh
Chairman of the Board