Collective Skills of the Director Nominees

Our directors bring an extraordinary wealth of skills and backgrounds to the HP Inc. Board. From Subra Suresh, an acclaimed scientist whose background in microfluidics gives him key understanding into the future of technologies including 3D printing, to Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO of TaskRabbit, a company at the forefront of today's personal services-oriented disruptive technology boom – our Board members are advising us based on real world experiences. Their skills are complementary. Carl Bass led a storied technology company and knows the fine balance between innovation and execution, while Charles Bergh's history leading first Gillette and now Levi's means he can instantly grasp the complexities of our supply chain. Shumeet Banerji and Mary Anne Citrino both come from financial industry careers, lending keen eyes to our balance sheets and our risk management profile. Former public company CEOs Stephanie Burns and Robert Bennett lend the benefit of their experience at the helms of companies and Aida Alvarez and Stacey Mobley provide perspectives from the fields of government and corporate law, respectively. We are also fortunate to have our former CEO, Meg Whitman, as a member of our Board – her roles leading multiple public technology companies coupled with her in-depth understanding of HP give her unique insight. Together, their skills all help us to keep reinventing.

Board Composition(1)

The HP Board of Directors (the "Board") oversees company strategy and management performance, monitors business performance, and maintains an appropriate framework to mitigate risk.

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Board reviews its composition and performance on an ongoing basis to maintain:

  • Diverse and complementary skills and experiences which are appropriate to recognize and seize HP's strategic opportunities and overcome challenges;
  • Diversity of thought, background and culture to bring broad insights into the boardroom; and
  • Ongoing education and access to management, employees and customers to enable Directors to develop a sound understanding of HP's operations and competitive environment to make appropriately informed decisions.


Gender Diversity


Tenure (inc. HP Co. tenure)


(1) Does not include Mr. Gupta who is not standing for re-election at this annual meeting.