The Board oversees management's implementation of the ERM program, including reviewing our enterprise risk portfolio and evaluating management's approach to addressing identified risks. Various Board committees also have responsibilities for oversight of risk management that supplement the ERM program as follows:

Current Committees Memberships

Name Audit Finance, Investment and Technology HR and Compensation Nominating, Governance and Social Responsibility
Independent Directors
Aida M. Alvarez
Shumeet Banerji Chair
Carl Bass
Robert R. Bennett  Chair
Charles V. Bergh
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Stephanie A. Burns 
Mary Anne Citrino  Chair
Rajiv L. Gupta(1) Chair
Stacey Mobley
Subra Suresh 
Other Directors
Dion J. Weisler
Margaret C. Whitman

 — Member
 — Audit Committee "financial expert"
(1) Mr. Gupta is not standing for re-election and, therefore, his term will expire at this annual meeting. The Board will appoint a new Chair of the HRC Committee.

During fiscal 2016, the Board held eight meetings, five of which included executive sessions. Each incumbent director serving during fiscal 2016 attended at least 75% of the aggregate of all Board and applicable committee meetings held during the period that he or she served as a director. During fiscal 2016, we had the following four standing committees, which held the number of meetings indicated in parenthesis during fiscal 2016: Audit Committee (12); Finance, Investment and Technology Committee (5); HRC Committee (5); and NGSR Committee (5). All of the committee charters are available on our investor relations website at

Directors are encouraged to participate in our annual meeting of stockholders. At our last annual meeting on April 4, 2016, all of our directors, 12 of whom are standing for re-election this year, attended the meeting.