Our priorities
Reinvent the standard for diversity
  • Be the industry leader
  • Drive our strategy to Belong, Innovate, and Grow
  • Embed the value of diversity internally and externally
  • Foster cultural competence and inclusion at all levels
Reinvent our culture
  • Connect employees at all levels to our vision, strategy, and culture, so we can deliver sustainable business results
  • Strengthen employees’ pride in HP innovation and solutions
  • Drive improvement in employee engagement through global and local programs and forums
Implement talent and leadership programs
  • Build a talent and leadership pipeline that supports diversity and inclusion
  • Develop leadership aligned with our culture for all levels of employees
  • Reinforce innovation, risk-taking, and continuous development

Our Progress

Gender Equity in Leadership

Since separation (October 2015), we’ve increased women in our leadership positions around the world:

  • Vice President 27.9%; up 9.6%
  • Director and VP combined 28.5%; up 6.6%
Diversity hiring

US minority hiring increased by +8% year to year; based on applicant self-identification.

Industry Recognition
  • 36 Company and Employee Diversity Awards
  • 100% on Disability Equality Index 2nd year
  • 100% on Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index 15th year
  • Ranked #3 on Top 10 Companies Millennials are Excited to Work For by Fortune
  • Top 100 Company for Women US Working Mother Magazine 27th year
  • Top Company for Women Technologists by AnitaB.Org 2nd year
  • Recognized on inaugural Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index

Building Diversity in our Pipeline

STEM in our communities

HP employees around the world volunteered their time to support Hour of Code activities in local communities, advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for girls and underrepresented minorities. In three years of participating, over 3,000 HP volunteers from 30 sites have delivered 8,700 volunteer hours reaching over 33,000 students around the world.

HBCU Business Challenge

As part of our partnership with the National HBCU Business Deans Roundtable, HP launched a new business-case competition where students from 85 schools had an opportunity to jumpstart their entry into the real world of business, putting their brightest ideas to work by crafting a solution for an actual HP business problem.

2017 highlights
Most Diverse Board

HP has the most diverse board of directors among U.S. technology companies, with 40% women, 50% minorities, and 30% underrepresented minorities (as of Jan 2018).

Dedicated Leadership

Dion Weisler was one of the first 150 company leaders to sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, June 2017.

Disrupt Systemic Bias

We utilize tools to craft inclusive job descriptions, encourage and facilitate Courageous Conversations, and train hiring managers and recruiters around the work to identify and mitigate unconscious bias.

Business Imperatives and Actions

Gender & Minority Pay Equality

HP is committed to paying women the same as men for similar responsibilities and qualifications. Our recent review of employee compensation in the US found no evidence of pay inequality based on gender or race. It’s an exercise HP does regularly with the help of a third party. They analyze how we pay employees across many variables to make sure our compensation practices are aligned with our principles.

Diversity Thought Leaders and Drivers

Global Diversity Advisory Board brought a strong focus from 18 senior leaders across HP organizations, countries, sites and levels. This advisory body engages with stakeholders across the company to set strategic priorities implemented by teams at the local level that drive progress for employees to Belong, Innovate, and Grow.

Business Impact through Employee Engagement

We elevated the role of our employee groups in supporting HP’s business objectives. In doing so, we’ve rebranded what previously were known as Employee Resource Groups/ERGs to now be known as Business Impact Networks for all 9 constituencies. We’ve continued to grow in numbers of active chapters, membership and participation. Today, there are 81 active chapters, in 19 countries and 5 Global Impact Networks with executive sponsorship.


This global program launched to educate, engage and create visible allies for our LGBTQ community at all HP sites around the world.

Diverse Talent Development

We deliver new and innovative programs that prepare our top talent to advance and leverage the perspectives of a diverse community.

  • Launched women’s sponsorship program
  • Increased women’s participation in top talent programs
  • Enhanced leadership skills for inclusion in Executive and Manager training
  • Elevated participation in industry leading conferences and events
Industry Partnerships

Positive results associated with HP initiatives to improve diversity in marketing partnerships, legal service providers, and supply chain management.

  • First agency diversity scorecard showed significant progress made with women on HP’s account teams and senior leadership (+5% and +4% over agency targets for the year’s progress).
  • Global Legal Affairs’ Diversity “Hold Back” initial results are very positive. The number of firms with a diverse relationship partner has doubled and there has been a steady increase in the number of diverse attorneys working on HP matters in each quarter. 73% of participating firms have met the diversity requirements.

U.S. spend with small businesses was $647 million USD. Spend on U.S.-based minority-owned and women-owned businesses totaled $229 million during the year.